Introduction to the source of metal coating

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Metal coating is a new environmentally friendly Dacromet surface treatment technology, also known as Duke Le, Duck rust, zinc-chromium film, Duckman and so on. Let's take a look at the importance of clean metal coating production.

Metal coating was invented by Americans in the early 1970s and was transferred to MCII in the United States, DACRAL in France and NDS in Japan around 1976. With the development of the global economy, environmental protection is increasingly becoming an important part of the social economy and trade. In 1996, the former National Machinery Industry Department listed Dacromet as a key development project funded by the sustainable development of machinery industry, which is actually a kind of "green plating".

In industrialized countries, the metal surface corrosion protection technology has been used as a corrosion protection process to replace many traditional processes such as electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, cadmium plating, zinc-based alloy coating and phosphating, and this is A new process to fundamentally reduce environmental pollution. My company's main Dacromet and zinc-aluminum coating processing, there are silver, silver, black and dumb black four. Anti-corrosion ability, up to 200-2000H between the workpiece size and customer requirements can dip or spray coating.

Metal coating is widely used in the fields of automobile, aerospace, aviation, household appliances, building components, chemicals, electric power, bridges, railways, highway guardrails and marine industries, all of which have significant economic and social benefits and promising market prospects .