How to distinguish the quality of car parts or components good or bad

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Any mechanical equipment is made up of a few small parts, the car is no exception. Automotive spare parts is an indispensable part of the car, its quality will also affect the use of the car. Now let's talk about how to distinguish the quality of car accessories quality is good or bad!

1, the packaging label is complete: good quality auto parts, usually the quality of packaging is also very good, and the information is complete, generally include: product name, model specifications, quantity, registered trademarks, factory name and address and telephone number, etc. Auto parts manufacturers are still making their own accessories on the mark. Some important auto parts (such as: generators, distributor, fuel injection pump, etc.), is also equipped with instructions, certificates and inspector badges to guide the user the proper use of maintenance;

2, whether the deformation of the car parts: auto parts due to various reasons, there will be varying degrees of deformation, the owners identify the quality of parts, be sure to check more;

3, the combination of parts is flat: spare parts handling, storage process, due to vibration, bump, often in conjunction with the site burr, indentation, damage or cracks affect the use of parts. Before use should pay attention to check;

4, parts surface rust: qualified parts surface, both a certain degree of precision and bright finish, the more important parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent packaging rust and corrosion. Should pay attention to check before use, if it is found that the parts have rust spots, moldy spots or pieces of rubber cracking, loss of elasticity, or journal surface obvious turning lines, should be replaced;

5, the protective surface is intact: Most parts are coated with a protective layer at the factory. Such as the piston pin, bearing pads with paraffin protection; piston ring, cylinder liner coated with anti-rust oil and wrapping paper; valve, piston and other anti-rust oil immersed in plastic bags. Before use, if the seal cover is damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, antirust oil or paraffin is lost, it should be returned.

6, glued parts are loose: parts composed of two or more parts, parts are pressed, glued or welded, they are not allowed to loose between the phenomenon, such as the pump plunger and The adjustment arm is assembled by press-fitting; the clutch driven wheel and the steel plate are riveted and combined, the friction plate and the steel plate are riveted or glued; the paper filter frame and the filter paper are made by gluing; the electrical equipment The thread is welded. If found to be loose before use, should be replaced;

7, Rotating parts are flexible: When using the oil pump and other rotating parts assembly, hand pump shaft rotation, should feel flexible without clamping; use rolling bearing, the one hand supporting the bearing inner ring, the other hand rotating outer ring, the outer ring should be able to Turn quickly and smoothly, then gradually stop. If the rotating parts are not working, it shows that the internal corrosion or deformation, do not buy;

8, assembly parts with or without missing parts: regular assembly components must be complete and intact, in order to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. Some assembly components on the individual small parts missing, will make the assembly parts can not work or even scrapped.

In the choice of auto parts, it is necessary from the appearance but also from the performance to identify the quality of the auto parts quality. Therefore, it is recommended to select the auto parts, select the professional car parts manufacturers, we are committed to providing you with quality products!

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