What are the construction steps of Henan Dacromet

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Dacromet is a new type of coating process that is popular in the market at present. Because the product can maintain a new appearance for a long time after coating, it is very popular among people. Henan Dacromet wants to get the desired The effect needs to be done in a certain order.

The first is the pre-treatment. Before the Dacromet processing of the product, there is generally some dust on the surface of the product. Only after the dust is cleaned can the Dacromet processing be carried out better, otherwise it will greatly affect the Dacromet processing. The quality of the solution can not completely react.

After the pretreatment is the coating and baking process. These two processes are carried out through cross-operation, and each coating needs to be baked once. Generally speaking, coating and baking are done twice. Yes. After the pre-treatment of the product is completed, if it is qualified, the next coating can be carried out. In addition, after each dacromet processing of this product is completed, it must be carefully introduced to ensure the quality.

All of the above are shared by Henan Dacromet manufacturers about the construction steps of Dacromet. I think everyone has a certain understanding of Henan Dacromet.

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