Analysis and summary of the importance of metal coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2022-02-17

Metal coating refers to the coating of a layer of material on the surface of the part, which is used to enhance the corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion of oil black printing. Metal coating can have strong adhesion with other additional coatings, after treatment The comprehensive performance of the parts is strong, the machinability can be enhanced at any time, and the use requirements and precision after repair can be fully met. It can also reduce the impact and vibration of the parts during operation and prolong the service life.

The metal coating surface treatment is a variable relationship due to the material. When the external force impacts the material, the metal coating surface treatment material will deform and absorb the external force, and with the expansion and contraction of the bearing or other components, it will always maintain a tight fit with the component to reduce the chance of wear , for the wear and tear of large-scale equipment, molds and matching parts can also be used to repair damaged parts, avoiding the overall disassembly of the equipment, and can also ensure the matching size of the parts to the greatest extent, meet the production and operation requirements of the equipment, and extend the use of parts life, to ensure the safe and continuous production of the enterprise.

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