Improve the filtration level of air conditioner filter elements-Cuiyuan is actively applying for CN95 certification

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-10-14

We know that the inside and outside of the car need to exchange gas. The key component for filtering air is the cabin filter. It is a concept with the filter screen of our air conditioner. It is equivalent to the "mask" of the car. The filter must be filtered before it can be blown out from the air outlet.

If it is an ordinary car air conditioning filter element, most of it is based on activated carbon, which cannot filter harmful particles such as virus aerosols, but has a better filtering effect on large particle diameter dust and some harmful particles inside and outside the car ,

In order to deal with the crisis that the new crown pneumonia can be transmitted through air aerosols, etc., it is necessary to improve the filtration level of the air conditioner filter element. For this reason, the CN95 level air conditioner filter element qualification certification recognized by domestic certification agencies is a response to the special needs of consumers. A direct answer to the need.

CN95 certification is divided into 5 levels from low to high, and the highest filtration efficiency level is CN95. The "vehicle-level CN95 filter element" requires a filtration rate of 0.3 micron particles to reach more than 95%. It can filter out air-conditioning and ventilation systems entering the car. Large particles and toxic gases in the air, including PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, biological pollutants such as mold, viruses, etc.

At this time, I believe that through the current hot discussion, our car owners should feel the necessity of replacing the car-grade CN95 filter element. Therefore, Cuiyuan Auto Parts is also actively applying for CN95 certification to protect the safety of consumers.