What matters should be paid attention to in the Dacromet coating process control center?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-08-12

Dacromet coating process is a very important anti-corrosion technology in modern technology. The reason why this coating process can achieve better anti-corrosion control is related to its ability to achieve better process control technology in coating. The following Let's follow the editor to see how Baby Love controls the Dacromet coating process.

1. Pretreatment: The key is degreasing. This step is easy to be ignored in many cases. If there is a product that is not completely degreasing and then enters the next process, it will directly lead to poor adhesion of the coating and poor corrosion test. qualified.

2. In the process of use, the regular inspection and adjustment of technical indicators were ignored, and it was found that there were problems such as poor appearance and poor corrosion resistance during the coating process.

3. The process settings in the coating and sintering process cannot meet the technical requirements of coating thickness and redox.

4. The Dacromet coating post-treatment process is not suitable for some special environments, but this is ignored when the product is used.

5. The packaging did not meet certain standards, resulting in serious bumps and damages to the Dacromet coating during transportation.

6. In addition, there is no attention to the timely dehydration and drying treatment during the use process, which leads to the anticorrosion effect of dacromet coating can not meet the expected standard.