Can car-grade CN95 air filters replace N95 masks?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2021-02-28

The car-grade CN95 air filter has a certain effect on virus prevention and control, so what is the difference between its function and our common N95 mask? Can this be used in the car instead of a mask? The following editor and everyone will find out together.

The CN95 air filter cannot completely replace the mask. The doors and windows will inevitably be opened during the use of the car. Once the doors and windows are opened, the protective effect of the CN95 air filter will no longer exist. The N95 mask can be worn all the time and maintains the protective effect.

The automobile industry has air-conditioning system filter standards, and the "car-grade CN95 air filter" should meet the dust filtration requirements in this standard. The CN95 air filter has a good effect on purifying the air in the car, except for the conventional step-by-step filter dust , harmful gases, PM2.5 particles, etc., the filtration efficiency of 0.3um particles can reach more than 95% under the air volume of 288m3\/h, but even if it has such a good effect, it cannot completely replace the N95 mask, because the CN95 air filter cannot be completely The filtration volume is only nano-sized viruses.

Now more and more automobile industries are beginning to pay attention to the safety of the air in the car. The appearance of the car-grade CN95 air filter will drive technological innovation in the field of car health in the automotive industry.