Introduction to the Development Background of Dacromet Anti-corrosion Coating Technology

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The Dacromet metal surface treatment method was invented by Sharmark Company in the United States. The purpose of this process is to deal with the corrosion of metal by salt water. At that time, in some parts of Europe and the United States, it was an important way to clear road snow in winter The measure is to sprinkle salt on the roads to melt the snow quickly, but after the snow melts, it turns into salt water to corrode the metal, causing rapid corrosion of auto parts, and the corroded parts need to be replaced constantly. This worries many automakers. In order to solve this question,ShamakThe company developed Kincromet metal with excellent salt resistance, and then developed Dacromet coating for metal parts with very thin film thickness.In order to further promote the technology,ShamakcompanyIt was established in 1976 as a joint venture with Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. and France Dakar in 1973. The company divides the global market into Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and America to promote Dacromet technology.

Dacromet technology entered the Chinese market in 1993. Due to various reasons, the development and promotion of Dacromet in the Chinese market was not very fast. After 1998, Dacromet coating production lines were successively built in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Cromet technology has carried out a large number of market promotions, which has brought the development of Dacromet technology in China into a new era.
Since 2000, the domestic Dacromet market has developed rapidly. By the end of 2002, there were more than 70 domestic Dacromet production lines, mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guangdong and other regions. The monthly consumption of coating liquid exceeds 30 tons. It can be predicted that the Dacromet market in China will be even broader in the future.