What are the processing and processing characteristics of cold stamping technology?

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  Cold punched productsAs the name implies, it is a product produced by cold stamping processing technology, so what is cold stamping technology? What kind of processing process and processing characteristics does this technology have? Next, we invite Henan Dacromet manufacturers to introduce you about cold stamping products. Process and advantages:
  First, what is cold stamping technology?
Stamping processing is a processing method that applies external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles through punching machines and molds to cause plastic deformation or separation to obtain workpieces of required shape and size. Stamping processing is generally divided into cold stamping and hot stamping. There are two types of calcining, hot calcining is generally used less, usually referred to as metal stamping refers to cold stamping, cold stamping refers to metal stamping at room temperature, cold stamping can be divided into two categories: forming process and separation process.

  2, the processing process
1. The separation process is to separate the sheet material according to a certain contour line to obtain stamping parts with a certain shape, size and cut surface. The separation process is divided into: blanking, punching, cutting, trimming, etc.
2. The forming process is to obtain stamping parts of a certain shape and size by plastically deforming the blank without breaking. The forming process is divided into: drawing, flanging, shaping, turning holes, bending, etc.

  3, Processing advantages of cold stamping products
Cold punched products have good mechanical strength, anti-static, and good electrical insulation in the middle class. They are made of insulating impregnated paper impregnated with phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed. This product is suitable for motors and electrical equipment with high mechanical requirements. Insulate structural parts and can be used in transformer oil.
Cold stamping products are made of high-quality bleached wood paper and cotton linter paper as reinforcements, and high-purity, fully synthetic phenolic resin that can also be supported by petrochemical raw materials is used as a resin binder. .
Cold stamping products are non-absorbent, non-conductive, high-temperature resistant, high-strength, and are widely used in electrical products, and the processing of insulating parts such as test fixtures, silicone rubber button molds, fixture plates, mold splints, and surface grinding pads plates, packaging machines, tea trays, combs, etc., and can be used in transformer oil.