Introduction to the characteristics of Dacromet process performance

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-08

In daily production activities, we will use a variety of technologies, which are very helpful to our production. Dacromet anti-corrosion coating technology is also one of them. Below we invite the technicians of Xinxiang Dacromet manufacturers to help you Let me introduce the performance or performance of this process:
Dacromet adhesion and coating performance: Dacromet coating has good adhesion to the metal substrate, while other additional coatings have strong adhesion, and the treated parts are easy to color. The adhesion of Dacromet and organic coatings The focus is even more than that of phosphating film.
Dacromet has high heat resistance: Dacromet is resistant to high temperature corrosion, and the heat-resistant temperature can reach above 300 degrees Celsius. The traditional galvanizing process has been scrapped when the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius. No pollution, no pollution: Dacromet is in production, During the whole process of processing and painting workpieces, no waste water and waste gas will be produced that pollute the environment.

The environmental protection metal surface is coated for a certain period of time, and after being grilled at a high temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, the hexavalent chromium is reduced to trivalent chromium, forming an amorphous compound chromate compound. The chromate passivation is only a 0.2 micron thick zinc sheet. Treatment The zinc plate has medium conductivity. Layers of zinc are superimposed to form a protective layer, and the zinc passivation sheet is in a state of controlled anode sacrificial protection. Such mechanical shielding greatly prolongs the corrosion current line, thereby delaying the corrosion of zinc Corrosion rate, so that it has excellent corrosion resistance.
The above is the performance and performance of the Dacromet process in some industrial anticorrosion processes introduced by the technicians of the Dacromet manufacturer in Xinxiang. I hope you can learn more about it through these contents.