Henan dacromet manufacturers analyze the development process of dacromet

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Dacromet is a new type of anti-corrosion technology born in the 1960s. The difference between this technology and other electroplating processes such as galvanizing is that Dacromet itself is a water-based coating with zinc-chromium as the anti-corrosion coating. The system is mainly formed by overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes in an inorganic binder. It is a water-based and VOC-compatible coating. It will not undergo acid and alkali treatment, so this technology has good corrosion resistance and hydrogen Brittle, non-polluted beams and other advantages, it is a water-based, green process to provide corrosion resistance. Below we have pleaseHenan Dacromet manufacturersLet me introduce you to the development background of Dacromet:

Dacromet topcoat system is a water-based paint that contains metal components such as zinc and aluminum flakes. The metal in the paint forms a layer-by-layer protective layer that provides a good corrosion barrier against corrosion. Once the paint has cured to Around 600-610 degrees F\/320 degrees Celsius, the coating is inorganic.
Dacromet can be combined with a variety of surface coatings to meet specific requirements in terms of torque, tension, appearance and salt spray.

Dacromet began to be born in the late 1950s. Due to the very low temperature in winter and the heavy snow on the roads, people used the method of spreading salt to reduce the freezing point, which was conducive to the melting of snow or road icing as soon as possible. But chlorine Chloride ions in sodium chloride have a very serious erosive effect on the steel substrate of the car, causing serious rust and damage to the steel equipment such as vehicles. The problem is that human scientists invented this process technology, and after many countries and years of continuous development, it has become a very important modern anti-corrosion process.