What are the common types of surface anti-corrosion coatings?

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Metal parts are widely used in our industry because of their high hardness, strong wear resistance, and resistance to compression and impact. It can be said that our modern industrial production is inseparable from metal materials. Therefore, in order to improve the metal Weather resistance and service life, metal surfaces for industrial useAnti-corrosion coatingThere are also various types of technology.
However, with the continuous development of industrial science and technology, some coating technologies have been replaced by emerging technologies. There are several types of metal anti-corrosion coating technologies commonly used in current industrial production:
1. Electroplated metal
Such as electro-galvanizing, electro-galvanizing aluminum alloy, etc. This is an anti-corrosion technology that has appeared for a long time and has many advantages. However, it also has certain disadvantages: the substances produced during the electroplating process have certain pollution to the environment.

2, anti-corrosion paint coating
This kind of anti-corrosion method is very common, because the treatment process is simple and the aesthetics is good, but the coating density is low, easy to wear, and the anti-corrosion effect is average.
3, Dacromet anti-corrosion coating
This is a type of surface anti-corrosion coating that has appeared for a short time but has many advantages, so it is widely used. Its anti-corrosion effect is good, and it has the characteristics of environmental protection and beauty.