Manufacturers analyze the origin of Dacromet processing technology

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Automobile is a very important scientific and technological product in modern society, which can help people travel better. In order to improve the service life and safety of automobiles, we need to do anti-corrosion work on automobile parts, so Dacromet processing technology is slow slowly become known to everyone.
So what is the origin of this technology? How did it develop? Next we will askHenan Dacromet manufacturersLet me introduce the development history of Dacromet surface treatment technology:

At the beginning, this technology was used by the U.S. military to provide anti-corrosion care for large steel equipment in the base. Later, when businessmen discovered the good effect of this technology, they began to purchase this patent from the military and continued to improve it. Thus began to be used in civilian steel products such as automobile anticorrosion.
The use of Dacromet treatment in Asia started in Japan, and has gradually become the world's mainstream automotive anti-corrosion technology after continuous development. After years of development, our domestic Dacromet treatment technology has been used by various Henan Dacromet manufacturers. matured.