Process characteristics of muffler exhaust pipe in automobile refrigeration special accessories

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-23

The exhaust pipe of the muffler is an important part of the air-conditioning refrigeration pipeline. It is suitable for the refrigeration system of the air conditioner to be installed together. Exhaust noise. Next, we invite the Dacromet manufacturer in Xinxiang to introduce the process characteristics of the exhaust pipe of the muffler in the special accessories for automobile refrigeration:

We all know that normal engine exhaust has a certain amount of energy. Generally, the exhaust pressure is about 0.5 MPa, and the gas temperature is as high as about 700 degrees. In addition to high temperature factors, the emission of automobile exhaust is also intermittent, so the engine exhaust is There is a certain pressure fluctuation in the exhaust pipe, if it is not dealt with by the muffler, the noise is huge!
Therefore, the exhaust pipe needs to have good high temperature resistance, compression resistance and shock resistance. In addition, it also needs to have good airtight performance to ensure the integrity of the automobile exhaust passing through the refrigeration system. In summary, this is also important for Xinxiang Dacromet The processing technology of the factory has very high requirements.