Brief Analysis on the Development Process of Dacromet Technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-25

For our industrial production, how to improve the stability and service life of equipment is a very important scientific research issue, and the key link naturally includes the anti-corrosion application of steel substrates, so the anti-corrosion technology we often use includes electroplating There are many kinds of zinc process, painting process and Dacromet process. Let's focus on the development process of Dacromet process:

The Dacromet process refers to the industrial production method using Dacromet coating technology. This method was originally used by the US military to solve the problem of severe corrosion of automobile chassis parts after driving on roads that use sodium chloride as a snow remover. It was invented by causing damage to auto parts and threatening the safety of vehicles. Later, other countries began to use this technology and gradually developed it into other industrial applications. In the 1970s, Europe, France, Germany, Italy and other countries and Japan in the 1980s successively introduced The technology.

At present, the Dacromet process has been widely used in various fields around the world, and has played a good role in the anti-corrosion performance of steel materials.