Introduction to the 4 advantages of Dacromet metal coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-14

Dacromet metal coating is also known as Dacromet treatment. The following editor briefly introduces the coating characteristics of Dacromet metal coating:
1. Environmental protection. Because the entire production process of Dacromet metal coating is a closed cycle process, the final product is basically only water, and the surface of the processed workpiece is only rust and oil, so it is more friendly to the environment.
2. Good anti-corrosion effect. This metal coating technology can play a very good anti-corrosion effect on automobiles and large steel equipment, so it has changed from the original military treatment technology to civilian technology. According to incomplete statistics, Dacromet metal The anti-corrosion ability of the coating can reach more than 1000 hours.

3. In addition, Dacromet metal coating also has good penetration performance. Because the common Dacromet metal coating liquid is generally in the form of aqueous solution, it has a good effect on the gaps and depressions on the surface of the workpiece. Penetrating coating ability. And the surface of the coating layer is smooth and beautiful in appearance.
4. Good adhesion. The Dacromet coating after high temperature baking can form a protective layer containing zinc and aluminum alloys, which can form a good combination with the main body of the steel structure, so it can facilitate the processing of various subsequent appearances. And it has a long service life.