What problems does metal coating help to improve

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In order to reduce the surface rust and wear of metal parts, some surface treatment methods are often used to treat metal parts, among which metal coating is a common surface treatment paint. Metal coating applied on the metal surface will not only affect the metal The normal use of metal parts, and it will not affect the appearance of metal parts. Metal coatings on metal parts can also improve the performance of metal parts.

1. Improve the torque coefficient of fasteners: Wear-resistant coatings can effectively improve the torque coefficient of fasteners. According to customer needs, adjust the torque coefficient to 0.09-0.13 or process fasteners with specific torque coefficients according to customer needs.

2. Solve the problem of anti-jamming and anti-occlusion of fasteners: Coating the lubricating coating formed by molybdenum sulfide coating on the fastener thread or surface, after the fastener is used, it is not easy to rust and seize , the occlusal phenomenon.

3. Solve the problem of anti-rust and anti-corrosion of fasteners: the wear-resistant coating forms a dense and firm lubricating film on the surface of the thread or the surface of the fastener, and the film thickness is about 10 microns. The film layer cuts off the metal substrate The contact with the air is not easy to cause the substrate to rust. If it is used in conjunction with hot-dip galvanizing or other anti-corrosion coatings, it will have a better anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect.

If you want to give full play to the role of metal coating, the correct use of metal coating cannot be ignored. Metal coating has good application results in many fields due to its good performance advantages, and metal coating is not used during use. It will not fall off due to the erosion of rainwater, but it will be tightly attached to the metal surface to protect the metal. The metal coating provided by our company includes Dacromet coating, etc. If you need it, you can contact us.