Instructions for purchasing special auto parts

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-01-08

For automobiles, during production, processing and assembly, the parts used need to undergo professional specifications and technical inspections. For different cars, the types of parts used are also different, precisely because the parts The different compositions of the components lead to the performance differences of different brands of cars. The selection and processing of special auto parts should be based on different car brands.

First, if you don’t know the specifications and models of the parts, you must look at the vehicle’s qualification certificate, instruction manual, engine qualification certificate, etc., as well as the nameplate of the car, the nameplate of the engine, the model of the vehicle, the date of manufacture, the serial number, etc., choose The same model is purchased. Here is a reminder that the accessories of similar models produced by the same factory may not be universal.

2. When buying auto parts, you must ask for an invoice and indicate the detailed origin of the parts. These are to protect your legitimate rights and interests and avoid buying fake and shoddy parts.

3. To buy auto parts, you must go to a dealer with good reputation and service. You should pay as much attention to choosing a dealer as you do when buying a complete car. You can't buy his parts just because you have a good relationship with the dealer.

4. When buying auto parts, you must be familiar with and master the brand, recognize the brand clearly, and pay attention to mastering the information.

To deal with different cars, when purchasing special auto parts, you should also have a general understanding of the spare parts provided in the market according to your actual needs, so that you can better use them in the later period. Make full use of the application of spare parts. The types and styles of special auto parts provided by our company are relatively diverse. You can choose according to your own needs, or you can also consult us for a more in-depth understanding.