What are the principles of purchasing special auto parts

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Automobile-specific spare parts are parts that are set according to the specifications of each car. Automobiles are a common means of transportation and have become used by every household. The quality of the car is very important to the driver The impact on the safety of passengers and passengers is greater, so before buying a car, you should check the spare parts for riding a car, and you should do a good job of selecting damaged parts. So what are the principles for purchasing special parts for cars?

1. Look at the packaging: the packaging of original auto parts is generally more standardized, unified standard specifications, and the printing is clear and formal, while the packaging and printing of counterfeit products are relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws from the packaging.

2. Look at "engagement": If the rivets of the clutch plate are loose, the brake hose is degummed, the joints of electrical parts are desoldered, and the joints of the paper filter element are detached, etc., it cannot be used.

3. Look at the logo: Some regular parts are marked with certain marks, such as the time gear mark, the piston top mark and other assembly marks, which are used to ensure the correct installation of the machine parts, and those without which cannot be purchased.

4. Check for omissions: regular assembly parts must be complete and intact to ensure smooth loading and normal operation. Some small parts on some assembly parts are missing, usually "parallel imports", which cause difficulties in loading. Often due to The shortage of individual small parts caused the entire assembly to be scrapped.

5. Look at the protective layer: In order to facilitate storage and prevent parts from being bumped, there are protective layers before the parts leave the factory. For example, bushes, large and small bearing bushes, pistons, valves, etc. are generally protected with paraffin to avoid surface damage. These important parts, the surface If there is no protective layer, most of them are "parallel imports".

There are many auto parts manufacturers on the market, but not all the parts sold by the manufacturers are compliant. Therefore, when selecting auto parts, you should do a good job in the selection of auto parts, so as to Prevent failures in use due to improper purchase. The above are the purchase skills of special auto parts. Knowing these will also be of good help in the future purchase of parts.