What is the role of anti-corrosion coating surface treatment

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The application of metal parts is relatively extensive. Whether it is an automobile or a factory mechanical part, the participation of metal is indispensable. However, the most troublesome thing in the use of metal is that it will corrode. If the protection of the equipment is not done well, It is easy to affect the normal use of equipment, especially in some mechanical production, in which there is a high standard for the accuracy of parts. Let's take a look at the role of anti-corrosion coating surface treatment.

During the processing, transportation and storage of the workpiece, the surface is often covered with scale, mold sand, welding slag, dust, oil and other dirt left by rust molding. The coating must be firmly attached to the surface of the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece must be cleaned before installation, otherwise, it will not only affect the bonding force and corrosion resistance of the coating and the metal, but also cause the base metal to continue to corrode even under the protection of the coating, causing the coating to peel off and affecting the workpiece. Therefore, the surface treatment of the workpiece before painting is an important guarantee and measure to obtain a high-quality protective layer and prolong the service life of the product.

Surface treatment is an ancient technology. Since there are humans on the earth, surface treatment is a technology that humans have mastered early. The life of primitive humans is extremely difficult and they live in groups. In order to survive, they make stone tools and use grinding technology to make stone tools It has a sharp edge and produces a "sharp" effect. In the Neolithic Age, the stone tools used by primitive people have been ground, the surface is fine and smooth, and they pay attention to decorative effects, which has become the mainstream of the times.

Anti-corrosion coating is a coating used to smear metal surfaces, and it is also a common surface treatment technology. This anti-corrosion coating is more applicable in many fields, such as lathe production, machining and vehicle surfaces, and has a good application The use effect of the anti-corrosion coating reduces the corrosion of metal substances and plays a good protective role for the coated objects. The emergence of anti-corrosion coating has good development significance for the surface treatment process.