The characteristics of Dacromet metal coating process

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In fact, the Dacromet metal coating process is a new coating process. The Dacromet coating is easier to combine with other metals and has strong adhesion. After processing, the color of the parts will also change. The change. Compared with the galvanizing process, the Dacromet metal coating process is more heat-resistant, and the thickness is also very thin, and the anti-rust effect is better. The following will be based on the characteristics of the Dacromet metal coating process. explain.

1. The construction is convenient. After the various parts are processed, only a few times of Dacromet coating and baking are required to complete the processing once. It is very convenient, and the permeability is very good, and it can effectively penetrate into the The interior of the part, so that there is no need to add additional processes to specialize in the treatment of the inner surface.

2. Cost saving. The price of Dacromet is moderate, and the raw materials are relatively common. At the same time, it has good anti-corrosion function and protects the parts well, which saves a lot of resources. At the same time, the processing of Dacromet process is To a certain extent, the cost of pollution prevention and control is reduced, so its use can help enterprises save a lot of costs.

3, the effect is good. Dacromet can achieve good anti-corrosion effect under certain circumstances and realize the protection of parts.

Through the introduction of the above information, it can be clearly understood that the Dacromet process has the characteristics of convenient construction, cost saving, and good anti-rust effect. With these characteristics and advantages, the Dacromet metal coating process is widely used in automobiles and buildings. And transportation, home appliances and other industries.