Xinxiang dacromet manufacturers analyze the core application of dacromet

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-09-26

Xinxiang Dacromet is currently used in many fields, and its history has also been excavated by some people. Understanding the history of Dacromet may not help the use of equipment, but we can know what fields Dacromet equipment can be used in. For example, can this equipment be used on the coating machine?

Since Dacromet technology was adopted by the US military, it has become an anti-corrosion military technology. In the 1970s, Japan's NDS company introduced Dacromet technology from the US MCI company, held the US MCI company, and bought out the Asia-Pacific The right to use the area. Japan has a large tonnage of steel parts corrosion every year, so it pays special attention to anti-corrosion technology, and improves Dacromet technology, allowing it to rapidly develop more than 100 coating factories and more than 70 units in Japan. Some developed Countries have also introduced Dacromet technology. China officially introduced Dacromet technology from Japan in 1994. At the beginning, it was used in the defense industry and localized auto parts, and then developed to electric power, construction, ocean engineering, bridges, Tunnel, highway guardrail, petrochemical, medical equipment powder metallurgy and other industries.

If the iron towers, supporting iron clamps, elbows, steel caps, oil tanks on transformers, fasteners, and coating machines of high-voltage transmission lines are all treated with Dacromet coating equipment technology, although the one-time investment is large, the cost Correspondingly higher, but beautiful and durable. The domestic high-voltage switch industry, such as Xigaoguan, Pinggaokai, etc., has taken the lead in citing this technology and achieved obvious results. In addition to the above industries, municipal engineering, machinery industry, Railway terminals, shipbuilding and aerospace, ocean engineering, metal tools, outdoor metal, coating machines and other mechanical equipment are all studying how to apply Dacromet coating technology.

The history of dacromet tells us that although its history is not very long, it has experienced many turmoil before it was promoted; just as dacromet is widely used in industry, in other industries, it is believed that Xinxiang Dacromet Crowe's effect will also become more and more obvious.