The Development Situation of Dacromet Technology in Xinxiang

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-09-19

Dacromet was born earlier in the late 1950s. In the cold winters of North America and Northern Europe, the thick ice layer on the road seriously hinders the driving of motor vehicles. People say that the method of sprinkling salt on the ground is used to reduce the freezing point. However, the chloride ions in the subsequent sodium chloride eroded the steel substrate, and the vehicles were seriously damaged, and serious issues emerged.

It is mainly based on metal chips, and at the same time added aluminum flakes, chromic acid, and deionized water as solvents to form a thin coating. Dacromet coating has successfully resisted the erosion of chloride ions, and the anti-corrosion technology has entered a new adjustment, which has innovated the defect of short anti-corrosion life of the traditional process.