Detailed introduction of the properties of Henan Dacromet solution

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The processing industry has become a relatively common industry in our life, because the processing industry occupies an extremely important position in the current market. Nowadays, Henan Dacromet technology is often used in our production activities. It not only It has played a huge role and brought a lot of help to our production. The application of Dacromet technology is inseparable from Dacromet solution. There must be many friends who are very curious about it, so let’s talk about it in detail below. Take a look at the detailed introduction of the performance of Dacromet solution!

Dacromet performance characteristics: Compared with traditional electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing technology, Dacromet technology has the following advantages:

① Good corrosion resistance. The controlled electrochemical protection of zinc, the shielding effect of zinc and aluminum flakes and the self-healing effect of chromate make Dacromet coatings have high corrosion resistance. Dacromet coatings In the neutral salt spray test, it takes about 100 hours to corrode 1um of the coating, which is 7-10 times higher than the traditional galvanized corrosion resistance. The neutral salt spray test can last for more than 1000 hours, and some are even longer High, which cannot be achieved by electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized layers.

②Excellent heat resistance. Because there is no crystallization water in the chromic acid polymer of Dacromet coating, and the melting point of aluminum\\zinc flakes is high, the high temperature corrosion resistance of the coating is not bad.

The content of the above article is the end of the introduction of the performance of Henan Dacromet solution. If you feel that our summary is still lacking, please continue to pay attention to the dynamics of our Dacromet manufacturer, and we will bring you more exciting information. ,thanks for reading.