Xinxiang Dacromet Surface Treatment

Xinxiang Dacromet Surface Treatment
Xinxiang Dacromet Surface Treatment

The advantages of Xinxiang Dacromet surface treatment are as follows:
1, the production process is pollution-free
During the Dacromet coating production process, only a small amount of rust and oil stains adhered to the surface of the workpiece are generated during the pre-treatment of the workpiece. The entire production is carried out in a closed cycle process. The main discharge is the water in the coating liquid, so it has no pollution to the outside world.
2, extremely strong corrosion resistance
In general, the thickness of Dacromet coating is 3-5 μm for one coating, and 6-10 μm for two coatings and two baking. According to statistics, under the standard salt spray test, Dacromet coating consumes 1 μm per 100 hours, while electroplating The coating consumes 1 μm every 10 hours when zinc is used. Therefore, the salt spray corrosion resistance of Dacromet coating is 7-10 times that of electroplating under the same coating thickness. A well-made Dacromet coating Layer, salt spray corrosion resistance can reach more than 1000h.
3, high permeability
Dacromet coating solution is a water-soluble coating solution, so its permeability is very good, and it can also form a coating in tiny gaps. Its deep coating ability is far better than electroplating. Compared with electroplating, for small holes It is very difficult to electroplate the inner wall, but it can be coated well when it is coated with Dacromet. Some people have done experiments, the tightened spring parts are treated with Dacromet, and then salt spray is applied after releasing In the test, the time of the salt spray test can still reach more than 240h, indicating that the dacromet coating liquid has penetrated into the tightly bonded gap.