Tie rod coating

Tie rod coating
Tie rod coating

Tie rod coating, as the name implies, is a product after Dacromet coating. In the industrial processing process, due to the limitation of the processing process, many workpieces are composed of different combined parts, so it is necessary to use the tie rod for preload combination.

Before tie rod coatingAfter rod coating

On the other hand, since the structural characteristics of the tie rods are in the stress mode, specifically, under the condition of different boss shoulders and hole static installation clearances and different boss shoulder spans, the stress value of the circumferential tie rod rotor tie rod changes with the speed, mainly conclusion as below:
1. The static installation gap between the tie rod flange shoulder and the tie rod hole does not affect the stress of the tie rod under normal working conditions, but affects the stress of the tie rod when the rotor is raised to speed;
2. With the increase of the speed, there are three speed zones in the stress value of the circumferential tie rod rotor, and the variation rules are different. The root cause is the influence of the contact state between the tie rod shoulder and the tie rod hole.
From the theoretical analysis listed above, you should also be able to see the importance of tie rods in terms of physical structure. In addition to appearing on mechanical equipment, they will also appear on building materials, so it is naturally very important to do a good job of anti-corrosion work on tie rods. In this context, tie rod coating has become an important anti-corrosion treatment method.

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