The post is an integral part of the socket kit. The main function of the post is to add and remove the bolts and nuts that are deep in the assembly and disassembly, and can be replaced only by the socket and handle.
In addition, when disassembling the nut on the flat surface, the tool will cling to the operation surface, which will hinder the normal disassembly and even cause a total accident.
The post can lift the tool to a certain height from the plane for easy operation.
In addition, after removing the nuts on the plane, the tool will be close to the operating surface, which will prevent normal disassembly and even cause accidents.
Many levers have been modified with special features, such as steering and locking levers.
It is used as a connection accessory between various gearbox accessories and sockets to rotate bolts and nuts located in deep recesses.
In daily car maintenance work, there are 75mm, 125mm, 150mm and 250mm rods with different lengths to choose from, which is what we usually call long rods and short rods.
According to the size of the square tenon, it can be divided into 1 inch, 3\/4 inch, 1\/2 inch, 3\/8 inch and 1\/4 inch series. Commonly used are 1\/2", 3\/8" and 1\/ 4" and other series, and used with the corresponding sleeve specifications.

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