Henan Dacromet equipment manufacturers

Henan Dacromet equipment manufacturers
Henan Dacromet equipment manufacturers

We specially invite Henan Dacromet equipment manufacturers to introduce the characteristics of this process:
1. High corrosion resistance: Dacromet metal coated products can withstand smoke for 600-1200 hours, which is 7-10 times higher than electro-galvanized;
2. No hydrogen embrittlement: the coating process does not produce hydrogen embrittlement, especially suitable for surface anti-corrosion treatment of high-strength bolts and components;
3. High weather resistance: adapt to various climate changes and cold and heat changes, used for sun-exposed parts and water-immersed parts;
4. High heat resistance: the heat resistance temperature can reach 300 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for high-strength components of automobile and motorcycle engines;
5. Cleanliness, no need for pickling, no harmful gas and liquid discharge, it is a clean production process.
To sum up, Henan Dacromet equipment manufacturers tell you that Dacromet bolts are parts that have been treated with a new type of environmental protection process. They are mainly used for equipment installation and main bodies in automobiles, bridges, road construction and other mining projects. reinforcement of steel structures, etc.