Environmental protection Dacromet coating

Environmental protection Dacromet coating
Environmental protection Dacromet coating

With the development of science and technology, a variety of new dacromet coatings such as environmental dacromet coating and dacromet metal coating products have emerged.
Dacromet is a transliteration name of an English abbreviation. The name represents an industrial outer coating with metal powder such as zinc powder or aluminum powder as the main component. Because the chemical properties of zinc powder and aluminum powder are relatively active, it can For the purpose of anti-corrosion.
The rapid development of environmentally friendly Dacromet coating is also related to the improvement of people's environmental awareness and technological level. The following editor briefly introduces the development history of Dacromet coating:
It was born in the late 1950s. In winter, people use salt to lower the freezing point of water to alleviate the problem of smooth roads, but the chloride ions in sodium chloride are easy to cause rust and damage to vehicles. Therefore, scientists developed Metal zinc flakes are used as the main material while other water-soluble paints are added to resist the erosion of chloride ions.
Therefore, many people refer to Dacromet as Dacromet rust. The anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect of the environmentally friendly Dacromet coating process is good, so Dacromet metal coating products are widely used in the industry.

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