Dacromet Coating Equipment

Dacromet Coating Equipment
Dacromet Coating Equipment

Dacromet performance
1, Dacromet is 710 times better than electroplating in terms of performance
2. Corrosion resistance: unpassivated galvanized layer, in the salt spray test, generally corrodes 13um in 10 hours, and Dacromet corrodes 1um in 100 hours
3. Moisture and heat resistance: 35±2 degrees Celsius, 95 percent humidity, 10 cycles of 240 cycles, no change in Dacromet coating, and mildew spots on the surface of the galvanized layer
4. High temperature shock resistance: -45 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius, the sample is kept in the high and low temperature box for 1 hour, the conversion time is not more than 5 seconds, the number of cycles is 3 times, and there is no change in the two coatings
5. The bonding force between the coating and the substrate, and the bonding force between the coating and the paint film: In the above-mentioned humid heat test environment, the bonding force between the Dacromet coating and the paint film has reached the national first-level and second-level standards. The bonding force between layer and substrate is the first-class standard
6. Hardness: Zinc coating is 7588HV0.05, silver gray Dacromet coating is 210232HV0.05
7. Spot welding performance: good performance, it is recommended to spot weld first and then Dacromet
8, Pollution-free and pollution-free: almost no pollution hazards
9. No hydrogen embrittlement: The traditional electroplating treatment adopts pickling, point degreasing, electrodeposition, etc., which will cause hydrogen embrittlement and affect the strength of the workpiece. There is no acid treatment in the Dacromet treatment process, and there is no hydrogen permeation problem during electroplating. The layer is cured at high temperature and can be applied to the anti-corrosion treatment of high-strength parts requiring high tensile strength
10. Prevent electrochemical corrosion of aluminum: Dacromet coating is based on the passivation of chromic acid and the controlled sacrificial protection of zinc, which inhibits the consumption of zinc and improves the anti-corrosion performance
As a new type of surface treatment process, Dacromet's application range is becoming wider and wider.