Dacromet coated fasteners

Dacromet coated fasteners
Dacromet coated fasteners

At present, my country's industrial equipment is facing serious corrosion and rust problems, so scientists have invented many anti-corrosion technologies. Therefore, Dacromet metal coated products such as Dacromet coated tights produced by these technologies have also appeared. firmware etc.
In addition to Dacromet coating surface treatment, currently commonly used anti-corrosion technologies also include phosphating surface treatment and galvanized passivation treatment. These three coatings have certain similarities, so how do we distinguish them?
1. Dacromet coated fasteners
This kind of dacromet metal coating product generally has a thin anti-corrosion film layer with uniform texture, high saturation and good appearance, and the common colors of the coating are silver white and black.
2, Phosphating surface treatment and galvanized passivation treatment
The common phosphating film is generally black and feels rough, and it needs to be smeared or sprayed with anti-rust oil. The galvanized passivation treatment can be judged by the acidification reaction.
In fact, if conditions permit, it is also possible to distinguish Dacromet-coated fasteners from other 2 types of products by means of testing equipment, which is simple and accurate.