Dacromet Coated Pads

Dacromet Coated Pads
Dacromet Coated Pads

Dacromet coating mat can be seen from the name that this is a product produced using Dacromet coating technology. The domestic name is zinc chromium coating, which is a kind of zinc powder, aluminum powder, chromic acid and A new type of anti-corrosion coating with ionized water as the main component.
Dacromet is a new type of surface treatment technology. Compared with the traditional electroplating process, Dacromet is a "green electroplating".
Dacromet Fasteners
Dacromet fasteners are one of the products produced using Dacromet surface treatment technology. This technology was first born in the late 1950s. In the cold season in America and Europe, the heavy snow on the road is very serious, which limits the normal driving of cars .Workers are spreading salt on the roads to lower the freezing temperature and improve road congestion.
Unexpectedly, the chloride ions in the subsequent industrial salt invaded the steel structure, the vehicle was severely damaged, and severe corrosion occurred. Researchers in some developed countries based on metal zinc flakes and chromic acid and deionized water Developed a highly dispersible water-soluble material. In order to form a thin coating, the material was coated on the metal structure and baked repeatedly. The Dacromet surface treatment coating successfully resisted the erosion of chloride ions, and the anti-corrosion technology entered the A new stage has changed the shortcomings of traditional crafts.
Therefore, Dacromet technology has been adopted by military institutions in some developed countries and has become a kind of anti-corrosion military technology. In the 1970s, a Japanese company introduced Dacromet surface treatment technology from some developed countries and bought out the annual right.
In this country, the country has a large number of steel parts every year, so it attaches great importance to anti-corrosion technology. With the improvement of the national surface treatment technology, more than 100 chemical companies have developed in the country. Many other countries and regions have also introduced Dak Luo surface treatment technology, Dacromet fasteners began to appear and used in industrial processing equipment.