Dacromet coating treatment

Dacromet coating treatment
Dacromet coating treatment

Dacromet coating treatment is a common anti-corrosion process for metal equipment, which is applied in many fields. The following editor briefly introduces the advantages of Dacromet coating treatment for you:
1. High temperature resistance: Dacromet coating can work normally at high temperature, and the heat resistance temperature can reach more than 300 degrees Celsius.
2. Good permeability: Due to the electrostatic shielding effect, it is difficult to galvanize the deep holes, slits and inner walls of pipe fittings, and Dacromet can enter these parts to form a coating.
3. No hydrogen embrittlement performance: Dacromet coating treatment does not require electrodeposition process, no pickling step, so there is no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, so Dacromet is very suitable for coating of stressed parts.
4. Good adhesion and recoating performance: Dacromet coating has good adhesion to the metal substrate, and has strong adhesion with other additional coatings, and the treated parts are easy to spray and color.
5. Good anti-rust performance: the thickness of Dacromet film layer is only 4-8μm, but its anti-rust effect is good, and the workpiece rusts for a long time.