Dacromet coating treatment

Dacromet coating treatment
Dacromet coating treatment

We may not be unfamiliar with the anti-corrosion technology of process equipment parts. Common treatment methods include ordinary zinc layer electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, and Dacromet coating treatment processes.
We often see the first two methods, and Dacromet coating treatment was gradually introduced into my country in the 1990s and began to be used in the industrial field. So what are the precautions for Dacromet coating treatment process? ?The following editor will give you a detailed introduction:
1. Instability of coating solution
Due to the high density of zinc powder, it is easy to precipitate when the coating is prepared, which makes the coating solution layered, so it is necessary to add a thickener in an appropriate proportion.
2. Effect of pH value of chromic acid
During the preparation of Dacromet coating treatment solution, if the pH value of chromic acid is too high, the chromic acid will react violently with the slurry and release a lot of heat, which will cause the solution system to agglomerate and fail. If it is diluted with water and then coated, the surface attached Efforts to drop, easy to peel.
3. Surface color and corrosion resistance of coated parts
Generally, the surface color of the workpiece after Dacromet coating treatment is silvery white, and increasing the amount of aluminum powder can increase the gloss of the workpiece, but excessive aluminum powder will also reduce the corrosion resistance of the workpiece.