Dacromet equipment surface treatment

Dacromet equipment surface treatment
Dacromet equipment surface treatment

Dacromet surface treatment process is an anti-corrosion process using Dacromet as a surface coating.
Dacromet is a transliteration of an English word. It is a zinc-chromium anti-corrosion coating mainly composed of zinc powder, aluminum powder, chromic acid and deionized water.
The following editor will introduce you to the precautions of this process:
1. Dacromet will age rapidly when exposed to light, so the coating process of Dacromet should be carried out indoors.
2. If the baking temperature is too low or too high, it will reduce its anti-corrosion ability, so it should be baked in a suitable temperature range.
3. The life cycle of Dacromet is very short, so it should be used up as soon as possible.
4. The wear resistance of Dacromet is poor, so Dacromet should be applied first, and then coated with other wear-resistant coatings.
The surface treatment process of Dacromet equipment can have a good spray anti-corrosion effect, and the coating is uniform, the formed film is thin, the gloss is good, and the appearance is high, so it is often used for the outer film of the car.
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