Dacromet bolt

Dacromet bolt
Dacromet bolt

Dacromet bolt is a kind of parts treated by new environmental protection technology, which is mainly used in the equipment installation of automobiles, bridges, road construction and other mining projects and the reinforcement of the main steel structure.
The following editor briefly introduces the advantages of Dacromet bolts:
1. There is no waste gas, waste liquid and waste residue in the whole process of Dacromet bolt surface treatment process, so it has no pollution to the environment, no harm to the health of operators, and is more environmentally friendly and green.
2. Many black and silver dacromet-coated products of stud screws and bolts use dacromet for surface anti-corrosion treatment, because it has no pickling in the treatment process and will not produce hydrogen embrittlement, so it has a long service life.
3. Compared with other hot-dip galvanizing processes, Dacromet bolts are also cheaper to process steel, and in the salt spray test, Dacromet bolts rust longer than hot-dip galvanizing, so the anti-rust effect is better .
To sum up, Dacromet bolt is a new type of industrial bolt parts, which is developing rapidly and has a good market response. Our company mainly produces black and silver dacromet coated stud bolts, welcome your purchase .

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