Dacromet metal treatment

Dacromet metal treatment
Dacromet metal treatment

Many modern buildings and equipment need to use steel bars as the main skeleton. So how to improve the stability and service life of the main steel structure so that it will not be corroded by harmful gases in the environment has become very important. Dacromet metal treatment process Thus was born.
The following editor will introduce to you the characteristics of Dacromet metal treatment process and the application range of Dacromet metal coating products.
One, features
1. Dacromet metal treatment cleverly utilizes the chemical properties of metals, and its own anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects are very good, thus ensuring the stability and safety of steel structures such as automobiles and bridges.
2. In addition, Dacromet metal coating products are environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, good permeability and recoatability, so they have a long service life, and have good corrosion and rust resistance for a variety of chemicals.
2, Application field
In addition to being used in the defense industry and automotive dacromet metal coating products, power equipment, steel buildings, roads and bridges, petrochemicals, bioengineering, medical equipment and other industries can see the dacromet metal treatment process, the scope of application Very broad.