Dacromet plating

Dacromet plating
Dacromet plating

Dacromet electroplating technology, also known as Dacromet coating technology, generally applies paint to the electrospray and bracket components to be electroplated by electroplating on Dacromet coated parts or equipment.
At present, because the technology is mature and widely used, the composition of Dacromet coatings is also different to a certain extent according to different industries and equipment, but its basic composition generally has the following types:
1. Metal powder. It is mainly metal substances such as ultrafine flaky zinc powder and ultrafine flaky aluminum powder.
2, Solvent. Dacromet coating is a liquid substance at room temperature, and its solvent is generally an inert organic solvent such as ethylene glycol, etc.
3. The composition of inorganic pickling liquid can wash away impurities on the surface of steel substrate and increase the anti-corrosion effect.
4. Slow-release factor. Generally, due to the different components of the coating solution, a certain proportion of slow-release factor is added to reduce the reaction between the iron matrix and the acid solution, etc., and increase the viscosity of the coating solution.
Compared with traditional industries such as galvanizing and electroplating, the Dacromet electroplating process is more environmentally friendly and will not produce hydrogen embrittlement results. The Dacromet coating effect of the produced electric sprayer and bracket components is good and the service life is long. The current application is relatively widely.