Dacromet surface treatment

Dacromet surface treatment
Dacromet surface treatment

Dacromet surface treatment will not pollute the environment, will not be excluded to the outside world of harmful substances of waste water, odorless when discharging steam, non-hazardous substances, surface protection engineering industry is the real green technology.

Dacromet surface treatment features:

1, no hydrogen embrittlement: Dacromet does not pickle in the treatment, and does not lead to the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen evolution, will not produce hydrogen embrittlement of parts, especially suitable for high-strength anti-corrosion surface treatment;

2, excellent permeability: Dacromet solution permeability is extremely strong, in the precise contact gap can also form a good coating, dacromet processing can not solve the difficult to electroplate the inner surface of the tubular parts of the problem , On the shape of the complex, there are grooved parts and fittings can be in-depth, forming a uniform protective film.

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