Metal coating

Metal coating
Metal coating

Product Name: Metal coating


1, high temperature corrosion, heat-resistant temperature up to 300 ℃, while the traditional galvanized process, the temperature reached 100 ℃ when the skin has been scrapped;

2, super corrosion resistance: the thickness of the metal coating is only 4-8μm, but its anti-rust effect is the traditional electrogalvanizing, hot dip galvanizing or paint coating method of 7-10 times. Dacromet process standard parts, pipe fittings by salt spray test over 1200h did not appear red rust;

3, there is no hydrogen embrittlement, so it is very suitable for the coating of force;

4, good permeability, due to electrostatic shielding effect, the workpiece deep holes, slits, the key internal parts difficult to electroplating zinc, so the above parts of the workpiece can not be protected by electroplating method;

5, dacromet coating and the metal matrix has a good combination of the coastal area to add other coatings with a strong adhesion, the treated parts easy to spray coloring, and the organic coating even more than the binding of the phosphating membrane.

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