CN95 air conditioning filter

CN95 air conditioning filter
CN95 air conditioning filter

The application standard of CN95 air conditioner filter, let everyone know more about CN95 air conditioner filter.

1, CN95 filter air conditioner filter element;

2,0.3μm particle filter efficiency reaches 95 percent;

3. The filtration efficiency of virus adsorption, which is usually larger than 0.74μm droplet nucleus, reaches 98%;

4, Haze, PM2.5 dust filtration efficiency 99%;

5. Tuberculosis, Haemophilus influenzae sterilization rate reached 99 percent;

6. Anti-mildew and odor removal, smog, smog, dust, pollen and other allergenic substances.

In the recent stage, as N95 masks are out of stock, some companies seize this feature and believe that installing CN95 air conditioner filters in vehicles can effectively filter particulate dust and make people travel safer.

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